Fiberglass Construction Facilities

A.A.H. Plast Ltd. manufactures facilities with FRP profiles. The profiles are made using fiberglass extrusion method and based on a known and identical profile table for metal profiles. Facilities, staircases, handrails and a wide range of other uses. The facilities are manufactured according the preliminary design based on the client’s needs.
Resistant to chemicals, water, saltwater, and sewage.
Great strength to weight ratio.
No electrical conductor.
No rust, corrosion.
No maintenance required, the wear is very low.
Resistant to extreme heat/cold.

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מפעל פלסטיק ופיברגלס
The company advocates continuous improvement of production processes with advanced production machinery
שיטות הצלבה מיוחדות
The cross method
The only company capable of manufacturing container and fiberglass tubing with integrated wrap
א.א.ח פלסט - מוצרי פלסטיק איכותיים
Quality Control
Working according to international standards, we have a laboratory for performing rigorous quality tests
מפעל פיברגלס
Seniority 35 years
The company has accumulated the largest jobs and projects in the field with proven experience of 35 years
מפעל פלסטיק בישראל
The only company in Israel that offers integrated fiberglass and plastic solutions
מפעל פלסטיק
Personal customization
Manufacturing products by design and planning in advance according to customer needs