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A.A.H. Plast Ltd.
Plastic & F.R.P works for industry

A.A.H. Plast Ltd. is Israel’s leading company for the production and installation of tanks, pipes and facilities made of fiberglass and plastic. The company utilizes the most advanced technologies and engineering methods, and with its ISO 9001 certification maintains the highest quality standards.

Company clients include Israel Chemical Ltd. (ICL), Israel Electric, Mekorot and engineering companies such as Beitman, Baran, I.D.E, Teva and more.

A.A.H. Plast products are used in industry, agriculture, food processing, pharmaceuticals and water systems. The company is also a pipe-laying and facility assembly contractor.

Fiberglass products include insulating tanks, large diameter pipes, air purification systems, waste management facilities and water tanks. All products are designed in accordance with the strictest standards and undergo stringent quality assurance examinations. They are resistant to the most aggressive chemicals and high temperatures.

Our Design & Development Department manufactures the most technologically advanced products to meet customer demands. Our products have been incorporated in large complex projects in Israel and abroad, such as the magnesium plant at the Dead Sea Works, desalination facilities in Cyprus and in Ashkelon, Rotem Fertilizers and in water storage facilities.

Company products are exported to Germany, Italy, England and Scotland.

Our field teams perform on-site installation, operation and maintenance services and are able to provide solutions on very short notice.

The Plastic Department operates according to German know-how and strict German standards.

Our plastic tanks, up to 200,000 liters in capacity, are made by wrapping straps of compressed plastic around a pre-heated metal cylinder, thus forming a sealed, homogenous tank.

Plastic tanks are manufactured in various thicknesses, according to the client’s request and the type of substance to be stored. They are tough, heat resistant up to 90°C, environment-friendly, recyclable and easy to mobilize. Manufacturing is done in an especially short time.

It is possible to equip them with accessories quickly and safely, thus enabling their convenient utilization for various applications.

Company Activities: Manufacture and marketing of light construction elements from PP (Polypropylene) used for manufacturing tanks, accumulation containers, bathtubs and for coating cesspits and neutralization pits.

Marketing of fiberglass structures, laboratories and sanitary facilities.Manufacture and installation of plastic and fiberglass swimming pools of various sizes.

Manufacture and marketing of fiberglass and PP accumulation containers; marketing of water and fuel storage tanks with up to 1000 cubic meters capacity.

Our Factory

The development of the company over the years

A.A.H. Plast Ltd. was founded
Establishment of fiberglass manufacturing plant
Establishment of fiberglass container factory
Establishment of a factory for manufacturing plastic containers and industrial works
Establishment of a Houston Polytank U.S. plant
Establishment of HDPE pipe manufacturing plant

Why choose A.A.H. Plast Ltd.

FRP tanks production

Production of HDPE containers

HDPE tubing production

Pipe Manufacture P.P

Manufacture of Containers and Products P.V.D.F

Manufacture of P.V.D.F containers

FRP profiles

Precise CNC cutting

Testing lab

Buildings, pavilions and fiberglass laboratories

Design and manufacture of a variety of containers

Management Team
Get to know those behind the scenes

Eli Haim
Hezi Naor
Arnon Haim
Avi Kosashvili
Fiberglass Plant Manager
Avraham Dabush
Field Works Manager
Anna Bondarenko
Engineering Department
David Cohen
Plastic Plant Manager
Victor Marachovsky
Plant Engineer
Michel Gozal
Sales Manager
Menashe Yechezkel
Logistics and transport
Shuli Shpatz
Office Managemament
Adi Haim
Sales and Marketing
Ginzburg Tzvika
Sales and Marketing

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AAH Plast Ltd

Address: 18 Hazore’a, Emek Sara, P.O.B. 254

Beer Sheva 8410201, Israel.

Tel: 972-8-6235927

Fax: 972-8-6278542

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