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A.A.H Plast LTD

A.A.H. Plast Ltd. is Israel’s leading fiberglass and plastic manufacturer, specializing in producing and installing tanks, pipes, and facilities. The company utilizes the most advanced technologies and engineering methods, and, with its ISO 9001 certification, maintains the highest quality standards.
A.A.H. Plast products are used in industry, agriculture, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and water systems. The company also serves as a pipe-laying and facility construction contractor.

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A.A.H. Plast

Areas Of Activity

  • Designing, manufacturing, and installing industrial products made of plastic materials (PP, HDPE, PP, PVC, PVDF).
  • Designing and manufacturing square tanks, storage tanks, balance tanks, septic tanks, coating and neutralization pits, wastewater and brine pools. Facilities for treating odors and gases, and baths.
  • Manufacturing FRP fiberglass tanks.
  • of HDPE and PP plastic storage tanks, using a unique method.
  • Manufacturing HDPE plastic pipes.
  • Manufacturing HDPE and P.P pipes with large diameters, using a unique method.
  • Manufacturing FRP fiberglass pipes in a variety of large diameters.
  • Manufacturing products and tanks made of P.V.D.F.
  • Water storage tanks and storage tanks for fire extinguishing systems
  • Portable structures, stalls and porta potties made of fiberglass.
  • Staircases and structures with FRP profiles; ladders, handrails, gratings and walking surfaces.
  • Precision cutting of plastic parts with the CNC machine.
  • Manufacturing and installing all tank accessories (ladders, handrails, manholes, pipe fitting, etc.)

Our Products

Our products are used in the chemical and oil industries; in agriculture, government, food processing, pharmaceutical, and water systems. The company also serves as a pipe-laying and facility construction contractor. Fiberglass products include storage tanks, insulation, large diameter pipes, air purification, waste management systems, and water tanks. All products are designed at the highest standards and subject to stringent quality assurance testing. They can withstand extremely aggressive chemicals and high temperatures.
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View our variety of products and options available to choose from
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    A.A.H. Plast Ltd.

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