PVDF Pipes and Tanks

A.A.H. Plast Ltd. designs and manufactures PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) tanks, piping, and other products.
PVDF tanks are reinforced with glass fiber that can withstand strong chemicals and high temperatures.
Our design department includes experienced engineers who provide top-notch solutions based on the clients’ needs and requirements.
Manufactured according to preliminary design based on the client’s requirement.

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    Building material
    PVDFFiberglass- FRPPolypropylenePolyethylene
    Pressure (bar):
    Vacuum (bar):
    Required Accessories:
    flangesRoof railing‎LadderManhole
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    מפעל פלסטיק ופיברגלס
    The company advocates continuous improvement of production processes with advanced production machinery
    שיטות הצלבה מיוחדות
    The cross method
    The only company capable of manufacturing container and fiberglass tubing with integrated wrap
    א.א.ח פלסט - מוצרי פלסטיק איכותיים
    Quality Control
    Working according to international standards, we have a laboratory for performing rigorous quality tests
    מפעל פיברגלס
    Seniority 40 years
    The company has accumulated the largest jobs and projects in the field with proven experience of 40 years
    מפעל פלסטיק בישראל
    The only company in Israel that offers integrated fiberglass and plastic solutions
    מפעל פלסטיק
    Personal customization
    Manufacturing products by design and planning in advance according to customer needs
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