Industries in Israel are actively promoting local manufacturing

Various industries in Israel support and encourage domestic production, prioritizing the use of locally sourced products (blue and white) for their diverse needs. This article will explore five common applications in Israeli industries for leading local products—large water tanks, fiberglass pipes, industrial gratings, fiberglass ladders, and plastic pallets. All these products are available from local companies and manufacturers and are integral to both the industrial and agricultural sectors in Israel.

Durable Water Tanks with Fiberglass Piping:

Plastic tanks made of polypropylene or polyethylene serve as reliable storage solutions for fluids at high temperatures. Large water tanks are those produced with capacities exceeding 1000 cubic meters and can be customized to fit client specifications (including fittings, ladders, and platforms). These large water tanks can be connected with fiberglass pipes, known for their high resistance to various chemicals.

Industrial Gratings—A Flooring Solution for Industrial Surfaces:

One of the most common products in Israeli industries is industrial gratings used for flooring. These gratings are designed for installation on various structures such as water reservoirs, stairs in industrial sites, floors in marine environments, or for livestock. The primary advantage of fiberglass gratings (compared to metal gratings) lies in their high resistance to corrosive environments, providing the product with a longer lifespan. It is essential to procure fiberglass gratings that are water and chemical resistant, non-conductive, capable of bearing heavy loads, and require minimal maintenance.

Safety Ladders Made of Fiberglass:

Need a safe climbing solution for high structures in industries? Fiberglass ladders are the answer to this need, representing a popular and sought-after product across various industries in Israel. Among their numerous benefits, these ladders offer resistance to extreme variable temperatures, durability against rust, chemicals, water, and sewage, non-conductivity, and long-term stability. For maximum safety, you can purchase fiberglass ladders with enclosed safety cages for individuals climbing them.

Square Tanks and Baths for Liquid Containers:

Another key product in the Israeli industry is Square Tanks and Baths
plastic storage. These serve as a safety measure for storing hazardous liquids and materials within the same facility or storage area. It’s an essential safety solution for anyone working with liquids prone to leakage and potential contact with humans or other materials within the same space. To ensure peace of mind and industrial peace, you can purchase Square Tanks and Baths designed for barrels and containers of various sizes.


When purchasing products for industrial use, such as plastic containers or industrial grating, it is vital to prioritize their quality and safety. Initially, these products may require a considerable investment, so it’s essential not to compromise on quality and safety. Beyond economic considerations, and equally important, is the safety aspect. Only products that meet relevant industry standards in Israel and globally can be relied upon for efficient and satisfactory performance in your operations.

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